Sales Department Crash Test
Check the effectiveness of your sales department and find out weak points that make you lose leads.
It's free. And will take two hours only.
What is the crash test of a sales department?
It's a verification of your sales department by specialists from Ringostat in a format of a "mystery shopper" in three main directions:
Sales reps' work
Whether your sales reps are able to identify and close customers' needs, work with objections, and convert potential buyers into real ones.
Processes well-functioning
The arrangement of processes in your sales department, whether everything is automated, and are there all the tools and connections required for effective work.
What stops your potential customers from making a purchase? How comfortable is it for them to interact with you, to become your real customers and to remain them for a long time.
As a result, you will understand the weaknesses of your sales team and what you can do right now to boost your sales.
Here are just several issues that faces each sales department:
and ignoring users that weren't able to reach you
Missed calls
Some companies miss up to 70% of their requests. At the same time, when a problem is discovered, the work and effectiveness of sales reps become a real surprise for managers and business owners.
or they don't work
Lack of conversion elements on the website
Such "little things" as a button that doesn't work, not a clickable phone number or a callback widget that doesn't set up correctly may become a real obstacle for your customers to make a purchase. Meanwhile, these gaps may remain without being noticed for a long time.
and can't work with the "overpriced" objection
A sales rep doesn't know the advantages of a product
Sometimes just a couple of arguments are enough to convince the customer and close the deal. But a sales rep can't find the right words as he doesn't know the product's peculiarities so he can't work with objections.
and all the information has to be "extracted" from a sales rep
No wish to keep the customer
This issue is especially crucial for "sensitive" niches with a high check size — such as medicine or plastic surgery, where it is important to carefully treat the patient and dispel his fears. If you do not notice this difficulty in time and don't solve it, you can lost customers, as well as money spent on their attraction.
Are you sure that your sales department doesn't have these issues and you are not wasting money?
Send a request for a free crash test, and we will check everything out
Why a crash test of a sales department is useful for you?
For a head of the sales department
Allows you to understand the real effectiveness of the sales department and find ways to improve it. A crash test will also show how sales reps actually work and what mistakes they make.
For a business owner
It will help to see how the sales department as a whole and sales reps, in particular, are able to find ways to earn more and to understand if the resource on customer attraction is simply wasted.
For a sales rep
It will allow you to objectively evaluate your professional level and determine growth points, find ways to optimize your work routine and save time in order to do your main work — sales.
Why do you can trust us testing your sales department?
We have built our sales department from nothing and we are constantly improving it. For more than 5 years we have been dealing with the work of various sales departments and helping to improve it.
We develop and implement tools to improve the effectiveness of marketing and sales. Therefore, we know well how an effective sales department should look like.
Understanding of processes
Our clients are more than 1000 companies in over 70 business niches. While working, we discovered the peculiarities of niches and business processes in each of them.
Do you want to check the effectiveness of your sales department and find out ways to close more deals?
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